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Water holding Christmas Tree stands

It never used to be easy to keep your Christmas tree upright, let alone keep it watered. Many an hour was needed every year just to get your Christmas tree looking "straight" in buckets, often by using bricks or stones as ballast and wedges.

However, over the past 10-15 years or so, some very useful Christmas tree stands have been developed to make the job relatively simple. At the same time, Scientists from the Forestry Commission were able to prove that, if the Christmas tree stands also held water, your Christmas Tree would be able to drink it through pores in its bark, and thus prevent the tree from drying out and dropping its needles.

You may be surprised at how much water your tree drinks whilst it is brightening up your room in its own water retaining stand. See our tree care tips and instructions to discover more about the importance of a water retaining stand, and how to encourage your Christmas Tree to drink water.

Each year, we have to erect a large number of Christmas trees for display purposes and in our own homes. We therefore only stock Christmas tree stands that we have found easy to use, hold water and last. Listed below is a sample of the Christmas tree stands that we sell.



Cinco Stands for Christmas Trees up to 10 feet and 12 feet

    Cinco Stand

These stands are the USA's most popular Christmas tree stand. Easy to use - the tree is simply placed on three pointed objects at the bottom of the stand, whilst the four bolts at the side are screwed in to keep your Christmas tree vertical.

These stands can cope with very "fat" trunked Christmas trees with a capacity to hold trees with up to 6 inch (15cm) approx trunks. The Cinco 12 will hold a "fatter" tree trunk still.

A hugh water holding capacity of 13 pints (7 litre) (more for the Cinco 12!) also allows your Christmas tree plenty of water for Christmas.




Decorative Christmas Tree Stands - Cast Iron Christmas Tree Stands


Cast from iron, these decorative Christmas tree stands give a 'Victorian' finish to your tree. Their weight and design ensures that your tree is easy to stand up, and when correctly used it will stay in place. These cast iron stands also allow you to easily water your Christmas tree.

We sell a wide variety of shapes and sizes - and a few of these (the ones we have photographs of!) are shown below.

Please note. Whilst we try to sell as many different designs as possible, there is no guarantee that we can maintain stocks of Christmas Tree Stands during the whole of December.

    Santa cast iron "Santa" from Christmas Cabin.  
Christmas Tree Stands

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If your supplier has trees delivered on a pallet thay are probably not very fresh!

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