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Christmas Tree Care Tips


Christmas Tree Types

Non-drop              Traditional


Non-Drop Christmas Trees


Nordman Fir


The original non-drop tree with good needle retaining properties, soft, wide and flat, dark green needles. The tree presents a wide conical shape, and the branches are not too dense.



Fraser Fir


Similar to the Nordman fir in its needle retaining properties and its soft, wide and flat, dark green needles. The top of the Fraser fir has more branches than the Nordman fir and the base is not as wide, making it an ideal tree if space is at a premium.

Please note, Christmas Tree Farm, Chesham does not currently sell this type of tree.



Douglas Fir


A light green colour, thin but still soft and relatively long needles that have a wonderful citrus smell makes this tree unique. Needle retention is good. Unfortunately, not available this year.



Scots Pine


The best needle retaining tree there is, it has very long needles that give a lovely pine smell to any room.



Blue Spruce


A low-drop tree that often has a distinctive silver-blue colour and a smell that is reminiscent of Christmas.

Please note Christmas Tree Farm, Chesham does not currently sell this type of tree.




Traditional Christmas Trees


Norway Spruce


The favourite Christmas tree in England. It has the shape, smell and tradition of Christmas past. Following our tree care instructions will help one of these trees retain its needles.



Omorica Spruce


Similar to the Norway Spruce, perhaps a little darker and with a narrower base, it takes up less space, allowing it to fit into the smallest of locations.



Potted trees


We have a range of Norway and Omorica spruces some as high as 1.80m (5 feet) tall, still with their roots on, planted in red pots filled with soil. They are field-grown especially for Christmas. Whilst not guaranteed to grow on after Christmas many of our customers have reported successfully planting them out in the garden.


Christmas Tree Stands

Christmas Trees from Christmas Tree Farm, Amersham Road, Chesham, HP5 1NE. England, UK

we are one of the largest Christmas tree growers in the London Area --- Fresh Christmas Trees direct from the grower.

If your supplier has trees delivered on a pallet thay are probably not very fresh!

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We are one of the largest growers of Christmas Trees in the London area
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